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1972 mk3 cortina sloping dash circuit transfer

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hi everyone , if you have ever come across the back of a sloping dash in a mk3 cortina as pictured. you will immediately know there's a bit missing on the one here,does anyone know if someone sells a repro transfer with the copper strips ,that's supposed to be on here.or is there anyone who has one, that they could scan for me and post here. i can copy or make my own ,any help would be great, or ideas would be appreciated of any ways around it because i'd like to make this the last time i have to address this, i've tried making a loom to each individual thing on the back of clocks but it's impossible to get the clocks back in and there's no way to route the loom without it looking a mess and not rubbing on anything PS.sticky label funny but not my handy work , buts part of history of car so i left it there 


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