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Hi All.

Just purchased a 77 Ford Escort 13 L.

Plan is to get it into original condition.   ( Or close as possible ).

Don't have expertise to do most of what is required so will be "outscourcing".

I assume from data plate that she was white with Black vinyl roof and green interior... 

Is there any way to use the vehicle detail to confirm how vehicle looked when she was new?




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Howzit , 

My 4 door tag plate shows a Vinyl top - Parchment  - 

The Vinyl top is actually  white in colour. The Interior doorcards and seats are an biege ( Parchment Color ) 

Of course the body colour is Cologne Blue. 


Thus I assume your tag would describe a Green interior . 

Alpine white Bodycolour



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The way I read that plate (But SA plates can be tricky and varying at times) is that it was an Alpine White car with a green interior but it also had a green vinyl roof. I have seen more vivid colours for the vinyl roofs of South African and Australian cars before like a deep maroons, tans and blues although 90% were simply dark brown or parchment. Its been a number of years but I seem to remember a green vinyl roof but I think it was on a Mk4 Cortina of the same period. It wasn't a bilious green or anything it was a subtle dark pine green. Sort of like the green Ghia in the image below where from a distance the vinyl doesn't always look green. A green roof would have only been put a Green car (more likely with a tan interior to avoid green overload) or with a white car with a green interior which is what I am guessing is the combination used in yours. That's my best guess, but no one would probably fault you for choosing a more traditional colour for the roof vinyl but in the same respect it was pretty rare so that may sway you the other way.


Apologies for not seeing this thread earlier and welcome to the forum.

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Fairly sure plate reads Green Vinyl over White with Green interior as ^^^ said. I seem to remember seeing green and beige coloured vinyl tops in the UK back in the day - maybe an option? certainly not common!

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