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My Mexicos Road to recovery

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Thanks guys for the comments car had Mot this week and passed with flying colours,so your a little way behind on the resto thread.

It is a good stage of the rebuild as there's so much which can be done but also so much to do and the end seems to take forever to come.

I've tried my hardest putting the car together not to scratch or chip it but it does happen and it's always something stupid like dropping a socket.P***ed me off a few times I can tell you.

I'm taking car for its first drive out this weekend to Ford power live at Snertterton 50 year annerversary it's only been a couple miles so  a bit apprencive.

Anyway a few more pictures.














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Looks great. Well done on mot.
Mine actually failed it's first mot in 30 odd years because one refurbed m16 caliper was binding. Passed the following morning tho..... so happy days!! Done about 2500 miles this summer. Love it.
Need to see your finished motor......

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