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Crosmember chassis mount position

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Hi all,

Currently in the process of building my first Escort mk1 grp4 spec.

I have a question about the postion of the crossmember mount chassis tubes (https://www.motorsport-tools.com/escort-mk1-mk2-weld-in-chassis-threaded-sleeve-tubes-boss-for-crossmember-mount.html).

What is the best way to determine the exact position to drill the holes and weld in the tubes? Do I have to mockup the engine and gearbox and check the position and mark it?
Hope someone can point me in the right directen.


Thanks in advance!

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Do you have holes in the existing chassis rail for the captive nuts? 

If not I would recommend setting it all up first and marking where holes need to be. Bit of a pain but don’t want to weld them in the wrong place. 

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