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historic spec atlas four link axle bracket angle question

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Does anyone know the correct placement of the historic spec atlas axle brackets. I am building a bespoke 4 link kit for a Mk1 cortina. I have used software to help me work out my best geometry

based on the constraints of trying to modify the shell as little as possible. what puzzles me is the following quote and picture available freely on the internet, versus photos of axles I have seen already built for sale at one of the best known top suppliers. the top bar mount as shown below is 3/4" behind the axle centre line...  and the lower section of the bracket is parallel to the road surface,  whilst on all other pictures I have seen although yes the top arm is still further back than the bottom arm it is not behind the axle centre line but still in front, with the top of the bracket rotated towards the front of the car and lower face of bracket not parallel to the ground

when I put the numbers into my spreadsheet for my four axle end  pickup points the photo and text below with the top link behind axle centre line give me miles better figures for pinion angle change, roll centre and roll axis 





can anyone confirm is the top bar axle mount supposed to be 3/4" behind axle centre line, maybe Gary could shed some light ??



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