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Mk5 Cortina 2.3 - breakerless distributor?

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I'm trying to get a friend's 1980 Cortina 2.3 Ghia running but having real problems with the ignition. It hasn't started for around 10 years but has to be moved now due to the garage space being sold for redevelopment. It ran OK before being put into storage but the garage was broken into a few years back and the car messed about with in an attempt to move it to get at some other goodies.

The engine turns over, (fresh) fuel is getting through, spark plugs are in great shape but the spark seems very weak and it's impossible to start.

The car is fitted with a 'breakerless' distributor (Bosch?). The only information I can find about this part is in the supplement at the end of the Haynes manual. This info is very basic and not very helpful.

When the rotor arm is removed, under a cover is a coil of fine braided wire wound around a nylon(?) reel. The end of this coil is loose and doesn't look right but I've searched everywhere and cannot find any reference to this part to find out how it should look. Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms 😕

We were going to change the points and condenser but now we're stumped. The car needs towing about 4 miles and we were hoping to get it started so at least the power steering and brakes would work. It's getting towed this evening - Luckily I'm not getting involved with that (no power steering and crusty brakes with no assistance)!

Hope the car survives. Is anyone familiar with this distributor type. A photo of the coil inside the distributor would be really helpful 😉

Thanks in advance for any help

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19 minutes ago, notenoughtime said:

Normally on electronic ignition if there is an issue you won’t have any spark at all 

have you tried fuel down the carb?

Tried all sorts of things - plugs have been out a number of times and are always wet with fuel after unsuccessfully cranking the engine so haven't tried adding more fuel down the carb yet 😀

Due to work commitments, we've only been able to do anything with the car in the pitch dark with just a small battery powered work light! It has to be out of the garage by tomorrow. Hopefully it will make it home this evening and we'll get a chance to see what's going on in daylight at the weekend!

Maybe the distributor is OK, it's just an unfamiliar design to me. 

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2 hours ago, notenoughtime said:

I have a Granada 2.3 at work I’ll see if I can get some pics 

That would be great! Thanks very much 😁

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