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Type E Gearbox Tail Housing ID

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I'm looking to replace my Type E gearbox (bolted to a Pinto in a Mk2 Cortina) but noticed it has what seems to be an odd tail housing on it.  As per the image, it has a mount towards the back end with 3 holes in it.  The exhaust guy used this to attach a solid exhaust mount to - which is a convo for another day... It also has the standard single-bolt mount that the gearbox cross-mount attaches to.

The only images and diagrams I can find of the Type E don't show this additional mount, and the Type E box I'm looking to purchase doesn't have it either.  Can anyone shed some light on this? Dimensionally the 2 gearboxes are the same, and appear the same everywhere else (as far as I can tell), but I want to make sure I'm not missing something before I extract mine out of the car and make the purchase.


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The extension housings vary depending on what car they are out of and also what country it was fitted. Australian Pinto engined cars had their own unique extension housing that put the gear lever in its usual Escort spot whereas the European Pinto Escorts used the conventional Cortina extension housing and have the gear lever further back. I haven't seen that style extension housing on a Type E gearbox before on any Cortina or Escort. It does look newly fitted however so its possibly a custom fit from something else to put the Pinto into a Mk2 Cortina. Either way the Type E box can be separate from it so you can simply bolt that extension housing to your new box if required.

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