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South African Imported MK1 Cortina GT registration

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1 hour ago, stobbsy said:

How simple is it for a expert to age relate the import Cortina MK1 GT as DVLA want an inspection before giving a UK plate, Car is in Somerset ..Many Thanks Shawn. 

We are registered on the DVLA's V765 scheme and can help you with that. Email me at admin@oldskoolford.co.uk 

As an aside, whereabouts in Somerset?  I will be driving down the A303 tomorrow and though it might make me unpopular with my wife, I might be able to arrange a small detour. 

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I just imported my GT v6 Capri from Australia and the importer used a private vehicle inspector to check all the numbers so it matched the description on the paperwork.

It was pretty straight forward in the end, few photos of the car taken and I got the paperwork sent to me a week or so later.

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