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Ford Sapphire 2.0iGLE auto to manual conversion

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Evening All, 

Im am in the process of converting my old Sapphie 2L Gli from auto to Manual, I managed to locate a manual car with a 5-speed  and ended up buying the entire heap as scrap. 

My Question is, theres a fair amount of wires from the auto box ( its a AL4d type gearbox) to the ecu. Any ideas on locating the starter inhibitor switch? 

My last resort is to lock the selector in P and hide it behind the dashboard. 

Any ideas greatly appreciated, 


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Firstly, I should say, I know nothing about these gearboxes or ECUs...

Wouldn't it be easier to simply short the wire rather than hide the entire selector?

I did a very quick "Google" and there appears to be a Neutral Safety Switch between the ignition switch and ECU on a red/light blue wire. You could try bypassing that switch. Of course, I might have "Googled" the wrong wiring diagram, but I hope this helps a bit.

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