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Some Random Odds & Sods for sale

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Since the motor from my RS2000 was nicked, this stuff has been kicking round the garage and I want shot or it all goes in the bin......

Pinto Alternator mount - came off an RS (so there is the added tax!) LOL! £25.00

Motorcraft Pinto spark plugs BSF 22C x 6No (guess where the other 4No were!) and BSF 32C1  x 10No - £1.50 / plug?

Alloy 2" lowering blocks - really manky but could be wire wheeled I suppose - £10.00

Pair of RS2000 M16 brake calipers - rusty and maybe seized but were MOT'd shortly before they were removed - £25 each?

Pair of RS2000 9" rear drum brakes - complete as far as I know, brums, backplates, cylinders, shoes and fiddly bits - £25 / side?

RS2000 Brake servo steel pipe - connects servo to the inlet manifold - apparently rare ? £40.00?

RS2000 Throttle cable std. with ball clevises either end - clean but used - £10.00

EDIT - Escort MK2 Fuel Tank - fairly good condition, has sender - £40,00?

Obviously the heavy stuff is going to cost with Royal Mail or would prefer Cash on Collection? Blackwater Nr Camberley Surrey

Contact via PM, email I A N Y A R H A M 3 @ A O L . C O M (remove spaces) or Mobile 07950 686657.





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