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OSF (drag division) wins trophy at VW Action, Santa Pod

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Good Morning lovely OSF people :)

Just thought I would update you on recent events with the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge (OSFDC) …. each year we are invited guests at VW Action, a huge VW show at Santa Pod.   Well, with 21 racers at our round 5 event we were happy to accept a trophy which was voted for by the VW Action organisers as best visiting club.   This trophy is awarded each year and we have been inducted into the VW Hall of Fame - a great honour :)   Anyway, here is the trophy.


OSF trophy.jpg

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3 hours ago, colr6 said:

How did the racers do in the meet jo ?

We were not in competition with the VW racers, we were just invited guests racing against the other cars.   As for the actual OSFDC round 5 (which is what this event was for us) Darren Scannell came first, Steve Brown came 2nd and Colin Dowling came 3rd but that won't mean anything if you don't follow the racing :no:     full information can be found on the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge Book of Face page https://www.facebook.com/OSFDC/  or in Classic Ford Magazine where we have full coverage of every round.    I stopped putting information on our Drag pages on here because I got absolutely no response which is fine if no-one is interested .. but .. it is still part of OSF and I wanted to say that it is another trophy awarded to the club and it's racers.  ;) 

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