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Paul Anderson

Hello from Pembrokeshire

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Hi there, just joined up thought you might be interested in my car.

I bought it in March 2018 off eBay from a guy in Scotland without going to look at it, you know exactly how your always told you shouldn’t. It did have a very good description with loads of photos and videos in my defence, plus it was in Scotland and I’m in Wales and that’s a long way. 😁

Anyway, It’s a 1954 Ford Consul with a 2 litre Zetec and 5 speed gearbox. Here are some pics of what it was like when I got it and went to Silverstone Classic in it. 





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Lovely looking car👍.

Bet it surprises a few people when you lite that up lol

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It was very well put together by a guy in Exeter. The story goes that he built it for a guy who only drive it once or twice before the bench seat cause his back some grief, he then sold it to the guy in Scotland that I bought it from who again due to circumstances beyond his control only drove it a couple of times himself so the engine had only done about 400 miles when I got my hands in it. 
It was built with a 2 litre Zetec with a single carb, discs on the front and drums on the back. The axle is an English axle from I think an Anglia. I had no info with the car, just the receipt for the engine and log book.

its the first car I have ever bought done so wanted to make it more mine after the first summer of driving it. Just little things to start with, sound deadening, hidden stereo, change the wheel colour, put decent tyres on it.

This is where things went a bit west, I promptly blew everything on the back axle. So last winter it had custom made updates half shafts an LSD and new crown wheel, I’ve also lowered the front a little and it’s in the process of having Jenvey throttle bodies added and new free flowing manifold. 
The picture below is with bike carbs but have decided against these and have gone with Jenvey’s.

More pics.




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56 minutes ago, Rally Pack 2000 said:

What a beauty! Welcome to the forum and thanks for becoming a contributor.

Thanks and no worries 👍

I might need this place for some advice in the future so worth the spend. 

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