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Mk1 1300 sport

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A friend of mine had bought this a 1300 sport, just a simple resto he thought 


It came to me with a few floor panels, new wings, and a lot of metal cut out already severely wearing the structure so god knows how they were going to weld it back together 

drivers floor pan cut out, a post cut out upper bulkhead centre cut out, drivers sill cut off left a very weak shell 
i decided to use my own car for a jig and removed the running gear and started fabricating a jig with various points for anti roll bar mounts, crossmember, jacking points, u brackets to hold chassis in place, leaf spring points, anti roll bar mount (not that this car needs them), rear spring hanger points, etc etc 

We got the car mounted on the jig and started to figure out the best plan and someone had welded on new top plates in the wrong position so new inner wings bulkhead and upper bulkhead were ordered  

more to follow

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New inner wings arrived, just need to decide whether to remove the type 49 strengthening as the sport shouldn’t have it from the factory



Cutting out the rear floor and seat crossmember as will loose the welds under the brace etc 





RP could you rotate this 180 please




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