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Mk1 1300 sport

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22 minutes ago, notenoughtime said:

Haha, I wonder how many are left


According to this there are 4 taxed and 10 sorned, I would imagine there is a lot more tucked away garages and barns that have been off the road since before we had to declare cars as sorned.

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Drivers floorpan stitched together and had to straighten the chassis rail 






floorpan drilled along chassis rail markings




Outer  sill trail fitted, even with just the two mole grips the shell has become ridged, seat crossmember to go in tomorrow then line the door up, may even get the bulkhead on 




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Not a great deal done this week! But all helps, ran out of mig wire at 1pm which didn’t help! Would have had all the floor seam welded

finished the missing sections under seat crossmember, then seat crossmember welded in, cut lower half of inner A post off and stepped and tacked in place, notice the panel is wider than the original, this needs cutting off once panels are welded together, may use a cardboard pattern off the other car to get it right 



jacking point tacked in place, will check position with outer sill before fully welding in place

new inner hinge support should arrive next week so can get A post finished and bulkhead on 





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Looks like you need to start a project page
Yup...get a project build thread going once you start it. Wish I'd done one as I built mine....need to go through my pics and post a retrospective build thread

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On 26/04/2020 at 11:30, Monza said:

Yup...get a project build thread going once you start it. Wish I'd done one as I built mine....need to go through my pics and post a retrospective build thread emoji848.pngemoji848.png

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Will do will get one up shortly for Project Bruno...!

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Today we removed what was left of the scuttle panel so we could start lining everything up, thought I’d took some more pics earlier on in the day but didn’t unfortunately





Quite a lot of trimming and retrying panels on and off to get them to fit but we pretty much got there at the end of today, unfortunately the wings aren’t the best and need lots of fettling to get them near where they are needed






Not sure you can see in this pic but front panel looked like it wasn’t level but level gauge doesn’t  lie


Had a real issue with the inner front panel, had to drill the spot welds off the slam panel as couldn’t get it anywhere near right, once we fitted the inner and tried the slam back on it wasn’t far out! Weird! 







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Today everything was removed again to get the bulkhead fitting better, 4mm trimmed off the back of the splash shield ends then  the bulkhead slotted in much easier than yesterday and sits much better around tunnel area




You can can see the original marks we done, so just goes to show check before you cut haha, where the mark is below that we need to weld a strip so scuttle can be spot welded to A post (more pics once it’s done)



Scuttle in place but still need to add to add all the brackets on as in second pic, look at the state of the original will the repairs! 😳







Tried another front panel for fit, which was better than the other, but that’s for my car 





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