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Was a great weekend people, long, but really good fun. The stand position definitely one of the better ones, plenty of visitors and a top bunch of blokes to spend 4 days with, thoroughly enjoyed it. As above, I will post a few pic later.....8)

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31 minutes ago, Vista said:

Are you trying to upload a picture? You need to ensure the file size isn't too large. Our forum size is now up to around 30Gb and the new server has limits on uploaded attachment size. 


1 hour ago, colr6 said:

Told you the other day Ray it’s an AGE thing !!!.........lol


3 minutes ago, Ray said:

ahh but you admitted to being a lot older than me mate, so I thought I was ok lol

 How much is that in 8x10 prints from the Kodachrome slides then?

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11 minutes ago, colr6 said:

Probably 10 more than mine.....lol


Ahhhh flash powder, now that even pre-dates me!

Was just told last week the roll of film I had cant be processed locally any more, need to take it 15kms away. Even simple 35mm film processing is a thing of the past.

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