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Ford Escort mk1/2 joblot Autojumble bargain! £300

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ok, there ,ay be the odd item that's not an Escort, but 99% of what is here is, joblot, ideal for the seller, i really need the space, even at a couple of quid each for what is here, there is a lot more to be made. Tried to upload photo's but only the 1 came out! 3 heads not 2, 1600cc i believe, mk2 bumper, mk2 indicators, couple of inlet manifolds, a carb, rear mk2 lights, mk1 brake servo, lots of odds and sods, about 4 or 5 Type E gearbox mounts, couple of manifolds, x flow/pinto, all have been used, spares/repairs/resale, collection only


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