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Ford 1600 Sports Shell From South Africa

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Hello I am new to this Forum I bring old car from Southern Africa I have lots of contact and networks. 

Currently I have a Ford Escort 1600 Sport Shell 
No Engine good condition Imported from a hot dry climate body has been very well preserved. 
Please contact 0752607 5206 Currently on ebay or good offers accepted. 


Feel free to contact me if you need any help in find or exporting old fords out of Southern Africa 





Ford Escort 1.jfif

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3 minutes ago, notenoughtime said:

Look at the rear arch repair 

arches aint that much of a problem. its the bits ya cant see that will be the problem! lol

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I used to live out in South Africa  and went to a lot of classic car show out there.I have a lot of contacts outthere so if anyone is looking for a interesting Ford maybe I can assist. 

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On 07/02/2020 at 07:27, JPC Ford said:

Body was resprayed due to the sun bleaching the original paint. No rot good basis for a restoration project or conversion to a rally car etc.

You really need to put better pics up floorpans, boot floor, inner arches etc

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