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Escort mk1 tan/brown interior parts

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I am looking for tan/brown interior parts for my more-door mk1 Escort, see pics with list of parts below:

• LHD dash top in brown colour for 6-clock pod
•Tan door cards for 4-door (1100L model)
•Decent front/rear seats in tan colour, or if lucky 1300GT like that pic
•Rear parcel shelf in brown colour

Thanks in advance






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39 minutes ago, Vista said:

Have you checked whether Aldridge can offer new reproduction seat covers and door cards in the colour you want? Failing that, try the guys at Escort Tec

Heard about Aldridge’s but it’s quite out of my budget range so hoping someone got them parts I want for sale.

I thought it is Escort-Tec section to pOST my Wanted post on this place?

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