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Kia ora from kiwis land

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New to the site. I've owned two mk1 escort 2 doors, two mk2 scort Vans, a mk2 cortina, mk3 cortina, and a few Falcons to boot. My son and I have bought a mk2 4 door escort as a project so I thought I better do some research and find out what's changed in the past 25 years since I last owned an escort.

Already big debates about running gear and body mods. 

Decided it's a good time to start getting sorted to make the most of the almost immenent covid 19 shut down and isolation period we could all be facing over here. May as well do something when we're stuck at home.



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Welcome to OldSkoolFord

What's changed? Well Jack up kits, underbody lighting and lured 70's paint jobs are so not in vogue anymore. Big wheels usually divide opinion over here too. 

Otherwise, anything goes. :thumbsup:

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