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newby looking for info on a 1600 Crossflow

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hello- I have a modified 1950 MGTD with what I believe is a 1600 crossflow. Its a nice build with cycle fenders, twin 40DCOEs, exhaust headers, racing windscreens, and a disc brake front axle from an MGB. I am looking for tuning info on the engine, The block casting number is

2737E  6015A, which I think means a 1600 Crossflow. It has a Lucas distributor numbered 41146A

1, Is this a 1600 crossflow?

2. how can I determine if its a high compression or low?

3. what is the correct dwell setting?

4. what is the best static timing setting? My best gas here is 91 octane

I don't have the Cortina plate from the donor car. I think the engine swap happened in the 1980s

Any assistance is very much appreciated

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