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Welcome all to our virtual car show for 2020. As we are all missing out on car shows this year, we are holding our own forum based one. And yes there are prizes. The winners will receive a highly sort after trophy and OSF will donate £50 to be to a charity of your choice. We have 2 categories......

Category 1, Peoples winner. This will be the car with the most likes.

Category 2, Judges winner. This will be the car the judges like the most. 



Please only post 1 photo of your car. If you own more than 1 then pic the best and post it up.

Once you have posted. Please like someone else's. There are no limits to how many cars you can like. 

Old Skool Fords only.

Entries are open now. Entries close on friday 26th June. (Tour of the moor weekend.)

Winners will be announced on Sunday 28th June. 

Good Luck and enjoy the virtual car show. 





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Ive just been told off by the wife for putting up a crap pic of our van

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Transit looks great to me m8....

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