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Hi all ,

I'm looking for a 5j sport wheel, of the type in the pictures.

It's a wide type , see rim measurement.

Any one got a spare one for sale  ?







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got one here in Bexhill, only trouble is ive put it on ebay and it finishes in about ten mins, if your quick you may have time though it has no bids yet lol.

if it doesn't sell you can come and get it

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sorry but it sold, I have a mk1 cortina steel wheel here if you want it though, don't want anything for it just come and get it.

Let me know if you need anything else as im going through my shed and have loads of mk1 escort bits

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That's just typical 🙁

Thanks for the offer of the Cortina wheel, but it's for my escort sport, got to be a wide 5j 13 dart board style.

Nice to be in touch with someone local to me , I don't know any oldskool ford people near me🤔

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I can't believe I missed that, and just down the road, I've been looking on eBay for weeks now 🙄

But for escort sport wheel, not escort Mexico, that's why I never saw it.😭

So I'm still looking for one chaps and chapeses

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