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Its certainly quicker, and easier  to buy parts for a conversion kit, that have been designed and tested, like the RetroFord Zetec kit. Very good gear but expensive. Quality costs.

But if you fit a rather more obscure engine and box, you are mostly on your own.

The Cosworth,, Zetec ,Duratec engines are pretty well catered for , as conversions, but because of this they are pretty common now.

The Honda engine is a good powerful , super revvy  engine.

I hope you go down that route, and do a build thread.

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10 hours ago, dt36 said:

Don't they spin the wrong way for a RWD? 


I love those parody video's - very amusing! But that is the B16 engine ie the fwd one. The S2000 was rwd as std so would be the right rotation. Even if not, an idler reverser could be added to the gearbox output (g.box would have to run straight cut gears though) or turn the diff / axle upside down and drive to wheels is reversed . . . . . . . . better to have an engine going the right way though!

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