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Type 9 Speedo drive and cable replacement

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Took my 2.0 MK5 Cortina Ghia for its MOT yesterday and flew through.

On the way home there was a clunk then I noticed the Speedo was not working.

On examination it seems that the cable had become detached at the gearbox and was dangling down with the circlip still hanging on the end of the metal flute!!!

It looks like there is a bit of the inner cable left in the drive. 

Stupidly before reading up on the set up I tried to pull what was sticking out cable side of the gearbox and a small metal cleat came off. This I now know to be part if the speedo drive. Its a type 9 5 speed gearbox I think from a sierra looking at the gear stick as its identical to one I had years ago.

I have ordered a new cable and circlip

To remove the drive I understand that there is a metal cap on the opposite side that needs to be removed and the drive can be taken out from the other side? I have to then see how many teeth the drive has and get a new one if its u/s.

By removing the metal cap on the opposite side and the drive will all the gearbox oil drain out? - I just need to be prepared!!

As a side issue my speedo tends to read approx 5mph too slow at 30,40 and 50. 

I have ordered a new cap and drive seal and will need to order a new drive if I've bust it.


If anyone could offer some advice or opinion I would be very grateful.




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