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On 26/04/2021 at 20:12, katana said:

Not quite, but if the ground is green they run horses round & round or hit little balls into holes with sticks! Did my learning on 2 wheels.

I starting my driving on 4 wheels (tractor), then went to 2 wheels, (suzuki 125), then 3 wheels (Honda 185 trike) before moving into cars. I did ride a SV650 for 14 years as well.

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Waiting on a few parts to arrive now for the cooling system then I hope to get stuck in a see if we can get the engine firing before the end of May. My mate made a start on the stainless steel exhaust but his TIG welder packed in so that needs sorting before we can finish that. The throttle body kit and ECU arrived so did a test fit and it looks great! 



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Nothing at all done so far this month as been busy with work. I'm hoping to make progress next week so fingers crossed. I did pick these up though so just waiting on delivery now...


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I certainly hope they look as good for real as they do in the photos! They need a couple of the adjustment knobs fitted and runners but I'm hoping I can get the runners on the current seats to fit 🤞

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