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Grand touring in a MK2 GL - Build thread

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Few years ago i was on speed hunters and came across this article! I always wanted a mk2 escort but didnt buy one when i was younger. 15 years later and few extra dollars spent i had one!

Luckily it came up with the exterior just finished, Didnt run well but ran and had a 4 door interior crammed in!

I put in some fishnet recaros i had retrimmed, had the wheel redone in leather.





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Simmons wheels of the early 70,80,90s have a cult like following in Aus and i was lucky enough to find these.

Unfortunately they were 9-10inches wide so i had to split them and resize.

They ended up 6.5 on the front and 7 on the rear approx +13 offset










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Collected some parts for a complete suspension overhaul.

GRP4 front struts with bilstein inserts, rear shocks and every bush replaced with superpro bushes

King lowered rear leafs

Dropped the ride height overall

new suspension.jpg

new suspension2.jpg



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Plans for the car post renos are a brake upgrade!

Ive been looking at the Reyland motorsports site and sent off an email - seems they can make what ever size disc size i like. The difficult thing is in Aust i need a caliper that retains dust boots, which limits the amount of AP calipers i can use.

Have purchased a gartrac pedal box and managed to piece together the rear disc kit from a r31 skyline caliper kit - common calipers used in aus for rear disc conversions.

Will see how it all pans out post reno!

And a parting shot - holding good company at the mechanics



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Unfortunately my inlaws had some recent bushfires come really close to their house. Crazy times.

But took the car out after having it in storage for 6 weeks due to our house renos going on



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