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Wanted - Mk2 Escort Bonnet Cable Clips

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Does anyone make an accurate bonnet cable clip for a Mk2 Escort? The couple that I have seen selling on Ebay (at ridiculous prices I might add) are not correct. The part of the clip that holds the cable interferes with the top of the guard lip so that it can never clip in properly. It only fits if you reverse it and then the cable is no longer under the lip while being tucked under by the other. I have one correct one but the other is wrong like the ones I have seen on Ebay. One you can push right into position while the other is barely able to clamp on to the flange even though its extended at that point for a clip. If I could get at least one good one to match the one I have that would be great. Its infuriated me for over 30 years unclipping itself all these years, it had the mismatching clips put on by the factory! (Dodgy Sods) Thanks Heaps

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