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Retrorides project

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Where do I start lol, I was planning on collecting the mk1 nimbus and getting it ready for retrorides but as usual I stumbled across something special and rather than the normal project of full strip and weld everything that needs to be done this is going to be a just get it there kind of build what ever it takes idea 

 it’s a shell, it’s still painted and I’m just going to build it on a proper budget if there is such a thing with escorts nowadays 

I may need some bits and if you can help if you have these it would be greatly appreciated 

the shell itself is arriving Tuesday! I have an engine, box, axle, front suspension, wiring, tank (may need tank floor grp 4), possibly need some front and rear lights, handbrake, steering column switch gear etc, prob will just fit a rev counter and water and oil gauges 

im going to need some alloys as I don’t want to use the banded steels 


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33 minutes ago, DpG Venom said:

So it was you who picked up the bargain! Fair play. Good luck with the build. Is the engine gonna be pinto or cross flow?

I think this for ease with some 45s, already has rwd sump, water rail and alt kit fitted 



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It’s arrived plan is to get it rolling tomorrow, weld up some bits paint the bay satin black and get the engine in 

on the truck 





Got a rear axle on and stuck the banded steels on as didn’t have any wheel nuts for anything else, got a crossmember on after cleaning the threads out in the chassis rails, more tomorrow when it’s actually rolling

rear scuttle needs welding but simple enough 




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12 hours ago, BaileyMex said:

Looking good chap

Good luck with the build - I've always loved the Alan Mann colour scheme

Black deep dish Revvies next?


I’m really undecided on wheels, I’m torn between some black 9x13 revolutions or gold 9x13 mag style minilites 

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4 hours ago, Rally Pack 2000 said:

Can you tell me a bit about Retrorides that your building this car for?

James I’ve never been to be honest! But starts Friday and goes on till Sunday, track action, shows, beer and camping 

check out retrorides weekender 

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Hi @notenoughtime ,

Love this mk1, I wish I had the time and space to have bought it!

Sorry this is a bit of topic, but I think you may have removed a crankcase breather/separator and its heat shield from a mk1 focus RS recently... Would they be for sale by any chance?

Kind Regards


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On 01/05/2021 at 16:57, Rally Pack 2000 said:

Can you tell me a bit about Retrorides that your building this car for?

Retrorides is another UK based forum that caters for all marques. They have their own annual weekend event in the same way we do the Tour of the Moor (but minus the tour)

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