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Morning all!! I am new to this forum, glad to be here, I own a mk3 Capri, 2L laser. Originally grey. All changes over many years and has been off the road for some time! (Like 10 years to my disbelief just counting it out!) 


finally got some serious time (furloughed) to really dedicate to finishing it off and getting in on the road! MoT is on Wednesday! (Just had to do a rear crank seal last minute! Yay) but all sorted and ready to go! 

can’t wait to get out and about and looking forward to a few shows (not showing mine ...... it ain’t that standard! 🤣) but I’ll have it in the carpark for sure! 

hope you are all well! And I will try to keep updated on some Capri adventures! 

Drive safe! 


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Welcome to OSF m8. Like a Capri.
The old ford's are always on "show" no matter where they are.....stand or carpark!!!

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Thanks folks few more pics and info for you! 

bought the original grey 2L laser some 15 years ago! Had it on the road a few years on and off as a daily. Through that time I did some basic bits and some not so basic. A basic tune port and polish. New manifold and all those sorts of bits, but loads of work underneath. I did mondeo front slipper conversion, Sierra rears, then front coil overs, adjustable dampers, compression struts, and the rear had anti tramp and panhard rod kits, both off rally designs (the escort stuff with a tweet). 

new wheels, went with minilites and a roller paint job. ....... not great! 😂


All that done; I had a accident at the same time as a change in jobs and house and all sorts led it to be chucked under a tarp and forgotten about for some years! Best thing I did was to keep it from the insurance company tho!! 

bought a new shell, and started work! But still

more work changes, another house move, a wedding, first and second kid (no more!) a puppy! And I’m finally back on the the Capri. 

so most recently it’s been spray job, cleaning up and transferring all the stuff off the crashed car onto the new shell ...... 

now I am tweeting and sorting for an MoT next week!!! So hopefully after 3years of marriage my wife will get to have a day out in the car for the first time!!! She is a patient one that’s for sure! 

anyways, pics to below go through those steps! I’ll try and post in order but if. It it’s obviously given the colours! 😂










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Welcome to OSF.

Looking good! You like many others can't wait to get back out there and use your car, what else are you planning for it?

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Tell me about it, been a long year for everyone! 

for the moment just drive it! 😂 it’s been so long off the road I’m hoping to keep it on the road a year or so just enjoy it ...... but with suspension and brake upgrades it’s all ripe and ready for a little more power so that’s the next plan really. 

I want to get my ideas together and make a decision on which engine/modifications to go for and spent the next year acquiring and building what ever that is ...

and long long long term, I’m hopefully going save up for a full strip down and proper respray, hopefully by someone that doesn’t need to google which end the pint comes out! 😂😂👍

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With your first pic there was something I couldn't put my finger on - the latest ones got it! The quarter bumpers / indicators , I have to say, i'm not a fan but it's not mine so my opinion is worth jack!

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😂 I am on somewhat of a budget, and like trying a bit of fabrication when I can, I love the quarter bumpers, but couldn’t justify the money for them and the indicators etc .......

so that’s my interpretation using the Capri one cut and shut! 

Understand if it’s not for you! World would be a boring place if we all like the same thing! 😂👍

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So that’s another capri back on the road. MOT passed today! 

video of my day if you fancy a laugh.

obviously the project is only just beginning really! 😂 always plenty to do with a classic Ford! 👍

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