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All new to me

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Hi All, Paul here, little info, live in the Ironbridge gorge over in Shropshire, apart from my wife the love of my life is Annabelle my mk1 escort, completely original 1973, no welding as of yet.

Hoping to pick some brains and get info from all you professional old school Ford drivers, added a few photos, Paul.     





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Welcome to the forum.

Never ever mention out loud your car to be another love of your life! They get looked upon subconsciously as a competing mistress that must be sent away. Most of my old Escort gang experienced this. There was no way an Escort was the right car for a "family" when the first baby arrived! The red interior is gorgeous though cant deny it so we will keep your secret! :wink:

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A  sweet car with gorgeous red upholstery.

Always remember, if it can be carried into the garage £10, if it needs a trolley £40, and if it drives in always less than £1,000. (£500 if you think you can get away with it, running spares cars are £100, obviously).


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