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MK1 Escort front drum problem.

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Hi guys. I'm having problems trying to source new brake drums and shoes for my MK1 Escort 1300XL. Does anyone know anywhere I can get them or know anyone who could refurbish my old ones. Thanks in advance 

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Thanks Bailey. Darren has helped me out in the past with odds and sods so will give him a bell. Trying to keep the car as original as possible so don't really want to upgrade to discs but looking more likely I'm going to have to 😔.


Hi Ray, thanks for your help yet again. I haven't even got the drums and shoes off yet but will do so ASAP. I will contact you if those shoes are correct but obviously don't hold on to them for me. Seems near impossible to get drums for some reason 🤔.

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14 hours ago, Rally Pack 2000 said:

If you haven't taken the drums off yet you may find all they need is a slight skim to make them line new again? Only about 20 to 30 quid to get done and with new shoes you will be as right as rain.

This was gonna be my next step mate. Getting hold of new front shoes seems tricky though although Ray has kindly offered me the ones above.

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