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Side lights?

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Right first of all, are side lights a legal requirement on older cars such as this escort, as I read that only vehicles after 86 require side lights to pass an mot. 

The other thing is with my side lights I have. 

Start with the rear , my OS tail light works when switched but my NS tail light doesn't work however it appears that it is the brake light , so OS is side/brake light combo whereas NS is brake light only. Is this correct? Do escorts only have a single side light on the rear?

Now with the front, mainly a part sourcing thing. NS bulb fitting is fine although it no longer turns on for some reason. OS bulb fitting was old and split apart meaning the bulb doesn't hold itself in, ie what do I look up for a bulb holder.

Unrelated to lighting but does anyone know where to get correct door seals for the mk1/2 vans barn doors?. Atm I've bodged some side door seals which kinda work but door doesn't close completely. 

Long topic but had to ask

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With respect to rear lights, Escorts do have side lights both OS and NS. Is bulb broken or not seated properly? For front bulb holder I use an aftermarket small bulb plus holder pushed into a rubber grommet in the front lights. Bulb is a tight fit in grommet so stays in place. Could not find NOS bulb holders nor anything like it. That was years ago.

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On 10/09/2021 at 15:39, Miniliteman said:

Is bulb broken or not seated properly?

The bulb are not broken no as I put the unresponsive bulb into the responsive bulb holder and it lit up fine. I then assumed it to be the loom so I pulled it out and found a previous repair with tape, unveiling I found a nasty bit of wire on one of the earth's. Fixed it by cutting it out and splicing it which didn't fix it. If it works when brake is applied then the holder is fine (right?) So should I remove the sleeve on the loom and examine the entire lot?

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You should have two independent circuits to each tail light - Tail and Brake and each share an earth. If either of the tail or brake filaments lights then the earth is likely to be ok. If a particular filament doesn't light then there is likely a fault in its supply wire somewhere in the holder or wire. Testing for voltage between pins / supply wires to earth is something to check before ripping into the loom!

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