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Not all Ford, but DEFINITELY Old Skool

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That'll be a BRM H16 engine then.

Made like two V8's linked by a common crank.

Did this engine at college as it was then seen as the most complex engine ever made (probably still is).

Look good hanging out of a beach buggy though! :D:o:lol::D:lol::D

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I've got a part time job looking after historic racing cars. It's the bollox! The car I usually maintain is an ERA but its older than the one in that collection.

I also get to play with an Aston DBR4 just like that ( I think they only made 4),

a yellow Connaught A type and too many others to list

If ever you see ant HGPCA meetings advertised during the year, I cannot recommend them enough. Proper cars being driven flat out sideways. And they do sound the nuts. Often get GT40s, RS26000s and lotus Cortinas along to keep OSFers happy too.

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