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  2. I'm glad this popped up, what a great read and road trip. I done a North American road trip, hired a rent-a-wreck 1985 Ford Sable (I know not a OSF, but it was am old Ford lol) in Toronto. Drove it from there to the Alaska border, down through the Rockys, into Vancouver and round Vancouver Island. Then all the way down the West Coast of the US top the Mexican border. Then Coast to Coast of the USA, then Down to the Key West, then back up the East Coast of US, round Lake Ontario anti clockwise in to Toronto... 10 weeks. 23500km
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    Just plain wrong!

    got a noose in my van if you need it????????????
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    Just plain wrong!

    Please, please, please no more it’s getting to much to bear !
  6. The stuff of nightmares. Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  7. How about these beautiful examples of modded Capris? Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  8. I’ve got some dellorto’s
  9. Love it. I had the exact same car when we needed a 4 door, after 2 kids popped out of my Betty's flower. Bought it tax free when I got posted back from Germany to the UK. Served us really well until a nice old lady decided to park her car into my front quarter and twisted the chassis.
  10. So I came across this Sierra listed as a 1 owner with 14,000km. I wasn't really looking to add another car to the collection but I was too curious to see it and hear its story, which goes something like this... It's 1985 and this gentleman having recently been to the UK was fascinated by the Sierra's futuristic design. So back in Malta, he went to the local Ford dealer and ordered a Sierra. Not one of the basic versions, but a 2.0 Ghia finished in diamond white. He also wanted to have xr4i wheels but those would have costed him an extra 1k so he fitted a set of mille miglia instead which were smaller but similar in design. Fast forward a couple of years and an unfortunate accident at his place of work prevented him from driving the Sierra again, mostly due to its lack of power steering. But he couldn't part with it. So he just locked it up in the garage and did not move it ever since. The Sierra was never meant to be his daily car so it was never taken out in the rain or made use of its huge luggage space. When I went to see it (pictures below taken in previous owner's garage today), the doors were stuck, it was impossible to push (sticky wheel cylinders) and it's engine was last started up in 2007. Original steels and trims tucked away in a corner covered in dust. We got some jump leads and all the warning lights from the trip computer came to life on the ignition. We removed the air cleaner, poured some fuel on the carb and after a couple of misses, the pinto came to life! A deal was struck and it will now be off to the mechanic for re-commissioning.
  11. We decided on Little Dragons Pizza, Llangynidr. 😁 We were due to go to Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, but it's raining there today and tomorrow.
  12. Ignore, for a moment, the dodgy rag top conversion, has someone fitted fins to this Mk5 Cortina?
  13. Hi all after a set of twin 40s and a xflow manifold if anyone has any
  14. lol, TNT recompense ?? the 2 don't mix Scott, cost you more to fight them than the thing was worth, TNT are one of the worst carriers out there, not one employee cares, if it says fragile, they will jump on it, ive seen the drivers do it in frustration at the TNT loaders who load it in the wrong order I wouldn't use them again unless they were the only ones who will take it
  15. In the end I bought the exhaust I was looking at, at that money I thought it was worth a try. The section to go over the axle was fine, everything fitted without any cutting or modifying. I have one long section spare, 4 angle sections spare and 3 joint sections spare. I just need to raise the rear silencer up (bracket ordered) and cut the length back as it sticks out a little to far, otherwise really pleased with it, and the new stainless bumper was a perfect fit too. My car isn't a show car but overall I am happy with how it is slowly coming along as a presentable classic
  16. Did anyone find out what was the story behind this car? Very intreguing!
  17. Never seen this thread before. Really enjoyed the read of the journey. Might do a similar one of me going down the Chippy later... πŸ˜€
  18. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement. It's an nteresting story on how the guy bought the car and the road trip that followed from the States into Canada, so must have been quite an adventure! I've seen this motor on another site previously and always liked the look of it, being a 2.8 Ghia, with a paint job that really compliments the car in my opinion. I own a MK1 federal Capri, and always on the lookout for a yank Capri ll to keep it company, hence my interest in this particular vehicle...
  19. Bit late now but I bought my front 1/4 bumpers (stainless) from Harrington. Fitted perfectly and still look great now. https://groupharrington.com/brand/ford/ @Ray pretty poor RE your experience of returning yours. Did you get any recompense from TNT?
  20. 🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
  21. It definitely couldn't hurt to ask and was worth a try. It nice that the archives hold some hidden gems and get resurrected. Welcome to the forum.
  22. And there`s this one for sale , https://www.ebay.nl/itm/Springalex-Steering-Wheel-Retro-Mk1-mk2-Escort/123770282297?hash=item1cd148a139:g:I9AAAOSwadlc3agc
  23. here's my genuine springalex , 3 hole 13" with 4" dish.
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  25. Bumpers arrived today. Fittied very well, all holes in correct places, very please indeed
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