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  2. Pictures would be good so I can see the colour. Australian RS2000s do have a more subtle yellow yes. If you can check the paint code on the ID plate for me if its X = Lemon Lime. Equivalent of 80 quid plus postage will see you get all the strips and all three RS2000 logos. All cars had black stripes apart from a limited edition Midnight Blue Car even though they offer a range of colours in the ad. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Escort-RS2000-Stripes-full-set-of-side-stripes-with-RS2000-decals/263396547824?hash=item3d53a85cf0:g:waYAAOSwIFtaOfGq
  3. Thanks Rally Pack, some good advice there. I will keep you posted on progress and get a few pics up as soon as I can. One last thing, the colour is Yellow and although Im sure its had paint in its life it is a uniform colour all over but doesnt look like the less bright yellow normaly seen on Ausie escorts. Did they do Signal yellow? If not I think its had an excellent spray job as its defo not your usual Ausie yellow. Also any Idea where I can get the proper body stripes?
  4. Fuel tanks are hard to get. When cars do get shipped to the UK there is an obsession to put in a UK type tank but in my view the Aussie type is better. Lower centre of gravity. In the middle for better weight distribution. Under the boot floor that gives you a bigger boot space and prevents rust in the boot floor since it gets no road splash. Rear fill mean you can go either side of a browser without having to pull it across. I think switching back to the original tank though is going to be a long wait though. Although many an Escort here has had its original replaced with alloy drop tanks that dont look too bad and some even closely replicate the originals. You wont get an original one easily from Australia. (Im after a decent one myself and cant get one)If you do want and original I think you have to go long term on that one and wait till another Australian RS owner in the UK decides to do the conversion to the European tank layout (which they always do for some reason) and get the tank off them. Dont alter the rear panel either as you will never get a replacement. Save the blanking plate they fetch alot of money for some reason. Wheels are a cosmetic thing and the Australian wheels are the ugliest factory alloys put on a car so no one will even notice a nice set of RS 4 spokes have replaced the originals. Most in the UK with think they are original I suspect. Same with speedo, I don't think reverting back to kms is going to be of much help to you although there are speedos with both miles and kilometres so maybe a compromise with one of them as a bit of an homage and for those European road trips. Australian cars don't have black rear panels so leave that body colour. Restoring the original stripes will be easy as they are readily available. What other Australian bits do you have and what ones you don't? You will get away with European mirrors I would think. (Although modifying the doors is required to fit them) The fact its a 4 Door RS2000 it doesn't really have to have all its Australian bits to prove its credentials. The statement is in its unique body form. Embrace the good features that are different in the Australian cars and add a few that are better from the European cars. Australian cars don't have radius arms and instead have a rear type Escort Sport Bar. Radius arms are better so a swap to radius arms is a good change and virtually unseen. Australian cars also use the standard Cortina exhaust manifold so if it hasn't had a tubular or Euro RS manifold fitted I would ditch that as well. Remove the emission control devices and plug the hole in the inlet manifold with a grub screw if it hasn't already. No-one will even know its gone but me on the forum so your safe there and I wont tell. Loose the fishnets and restore the original headrests though. Does it still have its original 4 speed? If so you have a type E gearbox with the gearstick in a regular Escort position. It has a unique Australian made extension housing that enables that where as European RS2000s use a longer Cortina one and their gearsticks are further back. Unless you are hell bent on a 5 speed try keep that gearbox arrangement. Embrace it being an Australian 4 Door RS2000 rather than trying to make a Euro replica. Just make subtle and tasteful changes that are in keeping with its origins. It will drive the anoraks wild at shows. That would be so much fun watching them trying to figure what is and what isn't. Let me know if you have any questions.
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  6. Hi Oldskool i have for sale in A1 condition genuine ford RS2000 mk1/2 escort alloy engine mountings not copies.. Shot blasted at gartrac with new rubbers and deep stainless steel cups to control excessive movement. Also comes with stainless steel bolts/washers at engine end and proper locking K nuts at crossmembers. Only reason for sale as not using my 2.3ltr pinto as change of direction. Β£60 free delivery. Location GU33.
  7. Shop body shop direct has a spray on sealer can be used with air sealer gun or hand gun . Stays rubbery like original should and if sprayed with correct gun will give factory finish .. especially in joints and under arches ..... Tiger seal fails eventually and yes make sure it's etched under and primed
  8. Interesting thread this. I have a four door in yellow which im tidying up a bit now prior to sale. Unfortunately although its 100% a genuine 4 door RS2000 it has a few of the unique ausie bits missing. Firstly the fuel tank has been changed to the UK type but I do have the blanking plate and the hinged numberplate is still in place. The wheels went AWOL but it now has a nice set of four spoke RS alloys. Interior wise the speedo has been changed to MPH and although the seats are original and in great condition they have had fishnet headrests fitted. I do have the original curvey ones though. Twin pinstripes have been fitted too and the low down faded stripe has been removed. Rear panel is still body colour though. Whats you guys view on resto..put it back to Ausie spec or UK? Generally its in really good condition. Its Yellow by the way.
  9. RIP, indeed. Sad news. The last 43 years have been a bonus for him. To survive this long with the knackering his body took is amazing. Agree with Vista, that championship / drama happened at just the right time for me - already obsessed with cars, the titanic battle was a thriller. To come back at Monza, just 6 weeks (IIRC) after pretty much dying was pushing the possible. He had all sorts of problems, including suffering from his still somewhat tender head flesh and lungs that didn't work 100%. A true motor racing hero and legend.
  10. Mended but not fixed - pneumonia will generally get you if you have lung problems. It was a terrible shame not seeing him in the pits, his no nonsense comments and insightful view on the team and F1 as a whole. He will be missed, Godspeed Niki.
  11. Good luck Chris a worthy cause ,keep top banana singingπŸ‘ James
  12. Just remember when you remove the Blue domes from the two main gauges to be very careful with them. The become very brittle and fragile from time and excessive heat. The LED bulbs will do away for the need for them entirely and not trap in any heat from the bulb either. They also are have half the wattage of the originals so less heat and strain on the circuits. The bulbs are polarity sensitive so be sure they are the right way around.
  13. Last I heard he was on the mend after a transplant. He will be missed at Mercedes. I thought this article posted today was a bit strange. https://f1i.com/news/341611-laudas-return-delayed-as-recovery-hits-another-snag.html
  14. I definitely need reading glasses these days on the recent post widget I could have sworn you ordered 3 adult tickets and 3 showgirls. I was thinking your car shows are a bit more cabaret than ours!
  15. The 1976 season, that Hunt ultimately won and Niki sustained his injuries in, was the one that kick started my life long interest in F1. To be a multiple world champion in those days when safety in the sport was infinitely less than it is now took supreme skill and bravery. The sport will be a poorer place without him. Niki Lauda dies at 70
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  17. Ok thanks vista do you think I should just wait then ?
  18. Order no 287354 for 2 stand passes, 3 adult tickets and 3 showguides? Whether they've taken payment or not, your order is definitely on their system.
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