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  2. My Xpack last year just after we got her running for the first time in years.
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  4. It would appear that Classic Ford Show has been merged with Ford Fair in October. Waiting to here from them about club stands. A statement from Kelsey. COVID-19 Update: 2020 Events Update Following further developments with the Coronavirus and the subsequent changes to the motorsport calendar in the UK, we have made further alterations to our own 2020 events calendar. On the 25th October, we’re delighted to announce that we will stage a rescheduled Ford Fair incorporating the Classic Ford Show. So the original Ford Fair, due to take place on Sunday 9th August, will now take place on the new date of the 25th October at Silverstone Circuit. By combining elements of the Classic Ford Show, we hope to bring the very best of the Ford scene at one iconic venue for what we hope will be a truly memorable live-action event. As ever, this is a continually evolving situation and we remain guided by government policy and advice from health officials. We would like to thank the support of our venue partners, our customers, clubs, traders and sponsors for their patience and understanding at this time. All existing bookings can be carried forward to be used at either of the new dates in 2020, or carried forward into 2021. We advise ticket holders to check our social media pages, website and their inbox for further updates in the coming weeks. We will of course continue to monitor developments in the weeks ahead. The safety of the public and our staff are our number one priority, and we will continue to be guided by the advice from public health bodies and the UK government. Like other companies in this sector, Kelsey Media remain committed to delivering our events in a safe environment. We are working closely with our venue partners, taking whatever steps necessary to ensure the safety of the public and staff alike. We will therefore advise customers in due course if anything else changes. You can also keep up to date with developments by visiting. In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please email us at shows@kelsey.co.uk, or call 01959 543730.
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  6. Pic taken just outside Cortina d' Ampezzo.....
  7. Few bits done over the weekend. Cut out bits on Swan neck and skin off A post. Post itself looks ok. Looking to make repair section for chassis swan neck. Looks like will have to make up bender. Anyone do this repair before? Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
  8. Try Dave vessey at Barnetby he’s quite good
  9. Does JK Classics have a dyno? Trying to set up carbs / ignition without one on a 'cammed' engine will be VERY hit and miss! And if its not set up under load it won't work very well - just wasted money!
  10. Mine is still a work in progress, and this photo is a few months old, but I just love how the car looks here
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Got the car back, with the head gasket and valve seats sorted; however, the gent at the garage kindly had a look over her and handed me a list of things I’ll need to do - the first of which is getting her set up, as she’s running a high lift cam and he wasn’t sure about setting her up or the state of the carb... I’ll then (try) sort out the electrics, as she lights up like a Christmas Tree!!! Just waiting for a price, but she’ll (probably) be going to a local specialist (JK Classics) in Lincoln for the carbs and possibly an electronic ignition - if I’d known how much I’d have spent up to this point I’d have gone straight down the Zetec route. I’ll need to run what I’ve got for a while now! Left to my own devices (& eBay) I’ve bought some front bearings, track rod ends, a lower steering bush and am waiting on a kit from Polybush before I put her up on stands... As a couple of the engine mounting bolts were missing I’ve ordered a new set of those as well, but still need to source some engine mounts, as well as several other items - I’ll post a shopping list soon, which I’m hoping you all might be able to point me in the right directions. If I’ve bored you to death already, I’m truly sorry, but will happily take any advice and cost saving pointers you can offer along the way. I’ll try to get a more concise set of pictures loaded up, as you’ll all have more of an idea of what I’m working with than I do! Thanks again. Mark
  12. Parked at the side of a road in a ditch. The natural stomping ground of many old Fords 😆
  13. Passenger door is on, in the correct place this time... Need to re-position the drivers door and properly align it now i know what its supposed to look like!
  14. I've just arrived and now I'm parked up with some tasty old skool motors 👍
  15. Yes mate I'm going to get it motd this week end
  16. Last week
  17. Since she’s still in my possession..
  18. Guys, looking for a flywheel with a very good ring gear on it for a 1974 1300GT mk1 escort (crossflow) with inertia starter motor
  19. Thank this was mine first time to do this , so i am happy with it.
  20. Another week and a bit more done. The fuel system is complete now, the nylon braided teflon lines are all in up to the regulator which i have had to put on the o/s inner wing due to the throttle bodies making bulkhead mounting difficult. The outlet from the tank will suffice for now, but i have the technical drawings back for an adaptor, I'm just waiting on making an order as i need to order 10 @25 a go! The cooling hoses arrived from RF, makes life very simple to be honest as everything just fits. The heater matrix pipes were the only slightly tricky part as where the copper matrix pipes were cut flush with the bulkhead, trying to get the silicone hoses through the bulkhead hole was tight. I ended up slackening the heater box mounts to give a bit of wiggle room. Im just waiting on my radiator which Im having repaired for now - id like a big alloy job but its not immediately required, something for the future once its running. Decided to order a HPE exhaust manifold and system, it works out cheaper than RF, piper etc and the manifold looks fantastic! Hopefully ill get that in the next few weeks. And then, i just need the ME221 management, but i suspect i need another pay day to arrive before i can buy that! In the meantime I’m just tidying up bits under the bonnet and making things as neat as possible.
  21. And the gearbox is done , with help from a friend , we have done the job. The rear bearing was gone , but i did bought a kit in the good old UK that contains 5 bearings , so thats done. But to get the bearings out was not easy . i was Lucky that mine friend does have a air jack hammer and the main axle came out the rear bearing. The ohter bearings , i did grind and torch them off. I did drive a few KM/s and it looks good , less noise.
  22. I now have two doors in primer
  23. @accord83 Thats a donk version of Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine!
  24. The more you look, the worse it gets.
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