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  2. White & black Series 2 RS Turbo registration number E311XYC was stolen overnight 15th-16th July 2019 from Chigwell, Essex. The car is white with a black carbon fibre bonnet, roof & boot. The boot is one of only 2 made in the UK & has no boot spoiler fitted. The car has a 90 spec front bumper with black trim & Morrette quad lights. The car has red & tinted rear lights. The front windscreen has a white sunstrip with a black Burton sticker. The car has black Team Dynamic 5 spoke alloys with Toyo R888 tyres. The car is fitted with Brembo brakes. it's fitted with a 2 litre blacktop Zetec with a Garrett GT2876R turbo & Magnex exhaust system. Inside the car has been stripped out & fitted with a white rear cage, Corbeau front bucket seats with Luke harnesses. The back seat has been removed & the rear boarded out. The car has a strut brace under the bonnet & the battery has been relocated to the boot. There was a sighting of the car on a trailer being towed by a Mercedes Sprinter on Romanian plates on the A2 heading towards Dover at 6:30am so may have been heading to the port (Port police have been made aware).
  3. I've just read though this, and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned or I'm thinking out the box in the wrong direction... But I had a similar issue years ago and it ended up being the earthing cable to the engine, The black sleeve over the crimped part made it look ok, But under it, it had melted bad and only gave in when the car got hot!
  4. Starts and runs, tank/swirl pot & new fuel pump fitted, running very rich though! (expensive petrol!). Only the lambda part to fit and a piece of carpet for the tunnel, booked in for the rolling road next Month!
  5. Got distinctive look of a Citroen Pallas
  6. Hi I have 2 up 2 down spotlights on quick release brackets and want to take them off as and when required can anyone suggest the best of what to use I don’t want to use either electrical block connectors or bullet connectors any advice will be appreciated
  7. Not me Jo, this is 90% down to Chris' efforts. People could achieve the same with club stands in their local areas if they wanted to manage them.
  8. Gosh that looks part prepper vehicle, part cylon!
  9. I do like some grey cars, this is a P6 Rover a friend of mine has just put on the road. I give you PHAT ROVER, in grey.
  10. Excellent club stand - some really nice cars there :) Looks like the South West is really coming up trumps for OSF events this year! Well done to Scott and all involved.
  11. Hi guys and girls, Anyone with a SA mk2 escort know if the starter is the type with a separate solenoid? Pretty sure I saw the solenoid on the passenger side inner wing last time I was tinkering with it, but the car is in storage right now and I can't get to it easily to look. Any help greatly appreciated!
  12. ..as above, need two to finish my Capri! Thanks, Tom
  13. ..as above, need two to finish my Capri! Thanks, Tom
  14. £29,995 the link to the Ad is in my post. Dug out a few pics of my old one, D808RDV. I remember going out for a day out in Paignton many years ago and by random coincidence ended up parked next to a mark 2 XR2 in the same colour with the reg no D807RDV. Interesting on checking the DVLA's system that the Capri was recorded as Grey but the Fiesta as Silver. I bought this car in 1992 or 3 with about 30k on the clock. Sold about 4 years later with around 60k for not a lot less than I paid for it. Loved this car, standard but for the electric windows and walnut dash trim I fitted. The Door cards and dash had already been butchered for non standard audio by the time I bought it. I saw it up for sale 10 years or so ago (still with the same owner I sold it to) but it was on 120k plus by then and was in need of a full restoration. I considered buying it back (briefly). It's currently showing as MOT expired in 2013 so not sure whether it survives or not.
  15. Me like alot. Scare me with the price?
  16. Mercury Grey 2.8i Special, I had one in this colour for about 4 years in the early to mid 90's. It's currently for sale but is pretty expensive being very low mileage
  17. I heard you often fall off the edge at the end of a good night out......... edge of the bar that is. Nice Globes.
  18. The paint on that Copper Bronze Coloured Anglia looks amazing. Puts my dodgy home job to shame
  19. Last week
  20. Have you got any pix of past shows? May pop up with me other half.
  21. It's always a great show with a huge variety of tin on display.
  22. Great selection of cars on both days Chris. Looked like a great weekend. Sunny too!! [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  23. Milton Keynes Retro and Classic Car Meet Next Friday 26th July Meet: Old School, Retro, Classic, Hot Rod and American cars Time: 7pm till late Location:The Barn Beefeater (opposite the Ski Dome), Secklow Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 3BZ. Great location - massive car park, pub garden, restaurant. McDonalds, Kentucky, Nandos, late night shops and leisure all within walking distance. All OSF members, classic car enthusiasts and clubs are welcome.. All types of cars in a similar age group of 25-80 years including Hot Rods, Classic, Race, Rallye, Offroaders, American are welcome.. Leave your computer for a few hours. Get away from the dreaded soaps! Come along for a chat. Show off your pride and joy! Take some photos. Swap, buy or sell car parts. Arrange meets and club stands for shows. Dine out. Get some advice hints and tips. Have a drink and tell us your stories. Vote for your favourite car of the night. Enjoy your car. People have travel to this meet from, Luton, Oxford, Bedford, Northampton, Rushden, Coventry, Hemel Hempstead, Buckingham, St Albans, Stevenage on a regular basis Meet new friends. We have been meeting up for a good 10 years now.. It doesn't matter what you drive if you like old cars then we have got something in common. See you there
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