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  2. They don't need to be new but as longs there not in to bad a condition as i can paint them if needed.
  3. Dear Oldskool, I have for sale in used excellent A1 working condition DC to AC 12v 1700w power inverter. Very little used & great for project work on my old car. Great for using mains power tools off a 12v car battery at shed or garage if no mains power close to hand. £70. Pick up advised from GU24, GU33 or KT12 areas. Can post if desired. Details contact, Mark 07977 409910.
  4. Absolutely no point strengthening the axle with 160bhp unless you will doing some of this lol we had a 90 right as we landed
  5. Depends what you want to do with your escort !!!! In my eyes it carnt hurt it by fitting it and being on the safe side. I only did that mod to mine as i had the axle off at the time on the bench at work and thought why not.
  6. Signal yellow all the way !! After owning 3 yellow cars now ( 1 x signal yellow mk2 escort and 2 x yellow mg zr's ) i am haveing my latest mk2 painted signal yellow. Its such a stand out colour and i think classic cars should stand out with bright loud colours .
  7. Agreed, it clearly states that in the lower paragraph.
  8. Whilst bearing in mind this mod was specifically for Rally cars - jumping, yumping Rally Cars! Never seen it done like this on a road or track focused car - no point as for 99.99% of the time it does nothing!
  9. Last week
  10. Usually see plenty on fleabay, or are you after new ones ?
  11. It is the smooth satin black i am after i think the textured ones are possibly plastic and don't want them on my car.
  12. Nice turn out, looks like a good day👍 Lovely photos.
  13. Sorry I thought you were looking for smooth ones that you could paint as opposed to the textured plastic ones?
  14. Great run out with North Wales Classic Fords on the above tour. Weather was fantastic as were the cars. Great mixture Anglias, Cortinas, Escorts and a Magnum. Awsome roads around North Wales together with the stunning scenery. About 75 mile tour plus 70 mile home from the finish in Oswestry. Was a red mk4 Cortins with the OSF sunstrip....on here maybe?? Topped off with picking up the award of "Highly Commended" [emoji4] Looking foward to the Moors!!! [emoji106] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  15. Its a nice mk1-but not 20 grands worth in my opinion with just a zetec in it.
  16. They do sell for a lot, but a nice one that is well built is eye wateringly expensive to achieve. In particular if you haven't done absolutely everything in the build yourself.
  17. Thanks. That's pretty much what Haynes said also. I wonder why I had difficulty then. I'm visiting the car in a few weeks so I'll check then.
  18. That's great thanks everyone
  19. Don't you undo the external nuts on the tube surrounding the spline shaft - once undone the whole assembly pushes through into cavity behind dash. There are a couple of bolted fixings that retain the motor and the mechanism.
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