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  2. It does look very pretty mind you! Do you know what would go nice with that? St170 engine....if only we knew where there was one? Mmmmm
  3. Well you know what they say ....little things, little minds and all!
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  5. As long as its just between friends.
  6. Not a single drop of vanish or rot protection! How dodgy is that?
  7. Its got an OSF web sticker on it, its worth double!
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  9. Ha Haha 😁, it ended up having forest arches and a respray. Also bought a nice sorted 1700 crossflow short block for it from Bracknell Auto sport. Fitted an RS interior to it from a guy in Reading who I noticed had changed his seats in his car that I used to drive past outside his house. His garage was strangely full of RS parts. I had that for about 2 years and sold it to a mate to buy a 2.0s Capri.
  10. I can take some the weekend. It's pitch black by time I get in during the week
  11. What he doesn’t show you is it ended up on its roof after that, ambitions and capabilities......lol
  12. I second Vulcan's headwork and customer service.
  13. still a cracking pic this!
  14. I have the 711m engine and it just revs so freely.
  15. What! You have SWIMMING Giant Boxing Rabbits, it must be like living in Jurassic Park. Wow!!
  16. Got a boot spoiler for my sport through the post today from Australia, on the recommendation of RP to get one from this guy not far from him. Well to say it was gorgeous would be an understatement, it’s flawless. The spoiler was £225 plus £82 delivery so just over £300 Might sound a lot of pennies but when you consider they’re asking more than this for a years old one that’s distorted and half the studs missing, it’s a no brainer for me. No it’s not an original part but who gives a shit if it looks better and cheaper 😎 whoever thought you could get so exited over a bloody spoiler 😉
  17. I use dellorto carbs on my stuff, when I took for a rolling road set up the guy said he could more fine tune them over Weber’s. Apart from that they are usually cheaper than Weber’s which is a bonus. Vulcan have a very good reputation for head work, sure a few on here have had heads done by them and are very pleased with the results. My next head will be going to them.
  18. Thx again guys. Would you recommend delorto or Weber carbs if I change the head on my 1600 xflow mk2 escort, I was thinking of using Harrison for a upgraded head. Any recommendations guys 👍.
  19. The redback spiders nest under the guards so if you stick your hand up into the wing without hosing it out first you get bit! I think they are going to do that whether I have a carport or a garage so in that respect it wont really make a difference. The nearest roos are at the reservoir behind a fence so they arent a problem.
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