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  1. You forgot to add how easy it goes from Jeckyll to Hyde
  2. Lot of lads are now rebuilding their 2.3 engines into a modded 2.0 block. Not sure on the whys and wherefores, but it's giving them a stronger engine for more power. Friend of mine paid £32k for his MK3 RS and is probably on his 3rd modded engine now, with about another £20k out of his pocket. Car is in excess of 500 bhp and his missus uses it for the occasional school run 😂
  3. Regarding my previous about going for a smaller bore exhaust 😁 Some good vids done by Graham, fair play.
  4. I find this set up really good for the roads that I drive on and is so much better than my old Bilstien GP1's for puttering about. To be honest, when we say Fast Road this and Fast Road that, at my age, I'm not actually being chased on a daily basis by Rosco P Coltrane. 😁
  5. I had the same issues. Removed my Gp1 Bilstiens as they were seriously too hard. Couldn't find any B6. Went with 146ib Gartrac single leaf and AVO adjustable shocks, set on 6 of 18. These are much more pleasant to drive on a normal road. Was actually opting for Gaz (Col recommended), but was a massive lead time on them.
  6. DT36

    KA mk2 key

    I would have thought it has some kind of transponder and antenna system, but am guessing at this. Has the key got a small red tab on it?
  7. DT36

    KA mk2 key

    My old man paid around £45 for a transponder key for his vauxhall about 2 years back.
  8. Massive following of the Ford Focus in the Uk and also fairly big in the U.S. Shows like Ford Fair are now dominated by these, along with Fiesta ST's, as I think its more affordable for the younger petrol heads. Friend of mine paid £32k for a new Mk3 Focus RS when they first came out and has spent over £18k on modifications, although the car externally still looks pretty much standard. Having been in it as a passenger, it is VERY impressive. Have a look at some of the videos and builds on Youtube by BD Performance, as they do some big power mods.
  9. Right, just figured out that the plate on mine is where the servo would go, hence home fabbed plate 👍
  10. Not a chance locally where I live. Choices are rusty, creosote or powdercoat.
  11. Have a look in the engine bay, where the clutch cable goes through the bulkhead. Have you got a plate to the left of it? I have a plate similar plate to this just there, but it looks home fabbed. I'd take a pic, but you'll only say its in its working clothes... 😂
  12. Remember the auctioneers : Presented in her working clothes 😂 Thing is, the catch next to it has recently been powder coated, but I didn't take this off.
  13. They are adjustable in length. I'll measure mine now for spring setting. If someone else with a flat front can do the same...
  14. Just watched this morning and looking forward to following the project. 👍
  15. I wasn't aware that they were different. Here's mine anyway for comparison to the one currently on ebay. The cone shaped adjuster is inside mine, as the thread is turned into the bonnet.
  16. There's a gasket on there, but not the softest. It is whole though.
  17. Might have one, Col. If I do, it's off a drivers side Capri unit. Can't remember if it has one on it or not. I'm not home at the moment, as I'm sat outside a Vacs centre waiting for Betty. Will check later 👍
  18. Get it rebuilt by someone like Venom. Might just be the hoses need a nip up though. Hopefully, it will be something simple.
  19. What do you value the car at? You can get a used turbo for under £100, but don't know it's history. Then, are you fitting yourself? New would be about £600, but how long are you going to keep the car for? Run the reg through "We buy any car" with and without MOT to consider your options.
  20. DT36


    Nobody like cats except Old Spinsters. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why decats were forged to exorcise these demons.
  21. It's a no from me. However, I'm more impressed that Col is posting GIFFs up End of the day though, your car, your rules. If you like it, then that's all that matters 👍
  22. Hi Ray, I have dramas using a link on my laptop with this forum when using Microsoft Edge. However, they work fine on my Android phone which uses Chrome. Sometimes, if I reply to a thread when on my laptop, I'll then go straight onto my phone and edit my post to insert the hyperlink.
  23. Right, now I can see it 👍 Sounds a good unit. I was initially thinking of a small fan heater, run from hookup, but this sounds good 👍
  24. Cheers Col. That's another one going on the list, after I get the passenger door back open
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