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  1. Thank goodness, the stress of being in position 1 was overwhelming , well done everyone great weekend
  2. xjamesx pm me your address, I have a stand pass spare for you.
  3. Cant wait......so looking forward to seeing everyone again
  4. I'd like to keep OSF70 please Kieran.
  5. As Topic title, anyone got any?, must be good condition, he's also looking for top mounts, please PM me if you can help. Cheers Chris.
  6. I have a lot of experience mapping their ECU's too and can set up and jet the carbs if required. Chris.
  7. The Omex ECU's are very good and the reliability is second to none, you wouldn't regret that purchase!
  8. Bloody hell Jo that's commitment, you are nuts.
  9. Looking at my placement change for this year if we had of dropped the round with the most points I know which way my vote will go, I broke my back to make EVERY round this year with complete engine failure early on and a head gasket repair on a back up engine before the very last round (not easy on my car), I'm a believer that hard work pays off and was very pleased with my 4th placing in my first year with you guys, leave it as it is I say.
  10. Hi Stephen, I have put them in the only box I had big enough, it measures 76 cm wide 10 deep and 170 long, I have no idea on weight I'm afraid but can't see it being anymore than 10 kilo's packaged.
  11. Hi Stephen, it is a possibility but I would be worried about damage in transit, you could arrange a courier to collect from me at an arranged date and time?, could this work for you?
  12. I have a pair of MK1 fibreglass front wings for sale, I purchased these from a guy who had just started a run of them, they will need work to get a good fit but anyone with good bodywork skills should be able to sort, at £100 for the pair they are a fraction of the cost of steel ones these days, even the pattern ones, finished in black gelcoat. Collection only from High Wycombe Bucks, message me if you are interested.
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