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  1. Xp197777

    KA mk2 key

    Yep they are outside lots of tescos let us know how you get on👍
  2. Xp197777

    KA mk2 key

    Oh that sounds promising just go and get one cut at any iron mongers it’s not gonna hurt the pocket too much either way give it a go
  3. Xp197777

    KA mk2 key

    Nightmare those things aren’t cheap
  4. Xp197777

    KA mk2 key

    You might be right mate I know it’s not a ford but I have a Mitsubishi made in 2003 here and we can start that with a screwdriver again just a little basic saloon
  5. Xp197777

    KA mk2 key

    I reckon that’s a normal key because it’s the base model with no remote locking in which case you can get it cut anywhere for under a £10
  6. Your absolutely right Ray the concourse boys won’t have a replica that’s why the originals are at a premium, I know someone that sold a nos cheese wedge to a guy in Brazil for £750 🙈
  7. Making the cheese wedge bottle would also be a goer I would of thought they go for big bucks
  8. The escort one I have is thicker at the bottom but not remote
  9. Just look at all those mk2s I remember those days ,use to banger race them and grass track omg
  10. No from me more of a 4wd thing
  11. Static on the iPhone but moves on the iPad
  12. Top quality build there always worth it in the end 👍
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