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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone :)
  2. VID-20201204-WA0004.mp4
  3. Always liked SD1s. But that aint pretty.
  4. Made me chuckle this one.
  5. 1300GT Air filter housing. Again, from my 74 Escort. In great condition. Only slight mod to underside was a bit of clearencing. So now fits 1300 and 1600cc twin choke carbs. £50 inc post.
  6. As title.... A set of 4 1300GT pistons removed from my 74 Escort GT. Can be used in the 1600 engine (i believe) to raise the CR. An alternative to a rebore. £50 inc post
  7. Cant imagine the Queen in an MX5. Like the wheels though, just not on that car.
  8. Sounds awfull. Take it easy. Its all fruit and veg from here on in.
  9. Congratulations. 2 beautiful cars and deseved winners 👍
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