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  1. I hear so many people moaning about faceache yet still use it!
  2. I think you two should have swapped brackets would have worked out I reckon lol a compression strut kit is only £140
  3. Some South African cars I believe
  4. It’s not the mot place it’s finding the right tester that understands cars imo
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181088569687?hash=item2a29b84957:g:vPEAAOxyeR9TJcBM
  6. With my adj tca’s ive had to use extended track rod ends at £100 pair but you can buy rack extensions for about £35
  7. As John says I think you may have the wrong brackets re the steering arm turn the steering wheel to the right to make the rack come out and should go on
  8. There are a few out there but can’t remember of the top of my head I can guide him if needed
  9. Did you see the price of the 3000 mile mk1 RS Focus that sold last week!! 50k
  10. I like that looks proper already! I think that st170 that @Jiffer was selling was very reasonable tbh given the bits that where included in the price
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