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  1. 😳🤩 surprised & impressed to see you’ve gone from dyno in October to full bare metal in January, thought I’d missed something 😂.....brilliant work! What method you using to get paint off? Grinder? Paint remover?
  2. Bracket measurements / photo. This is for the bracket that bolts onto the gearbox bell housing (non standard gearbox) and then holds the exhaust manifold down pipe secure 👍
  3. Measurements on Project Daisy (today’s date) if you want to make one 👍
  4. A big thank you to everyone that’s contacted me with offers of help in obtaining this bracket. And a MASSIVE thanks goes to Mark 👍 at Escort-Tec who has found me an original FORD bracket 😁
  5. ‘it’s incredible! .....great work 👍
  6. Tonight, door repair bought new bottom panels from ‘evansandsonrallyspares’ and ‘historicmotorsport’ the fabricator & I recommend the panels from both. Fixed 1/4 glass removed, bottom cut out & panels being fitted ...excited!!!
  7. Nice one RP great info thanks. 👍 My intention with Daisy is to remove everything, check it, replace it if rusty or broken, clean it, grease it, paint it, refurb it & re-fit it 😂
  8. Around 2009 I sent Daisy’s callipers off to be refurbished & remember the Co ringing me to tell me that one had broken during the process & they were sourcing a good one to replace it .....maybe they changed them from p16 to p14 I wouldn’t know what I sent off OR what I got back 🤷‍♂️ 😂
  9. Cheers for that so did Daisy my 1973 Mk1 escort 1300 gt have these P14 brake callipers fitted as standard does anyone know?
  10. Oh not P16’s.....Then M16’s?... I was told that P16’s had the brake pipe feed into the centre of the piston & M16’s had the pipe feed at the top of the calliper 🤷‍♂️ It’s always been a mystery tbh 🤯
  11. Evening ....how do I know if I need imperial or metric brake fittings? Photo of Daisy’s set up & what I think is P16 calliper? Thanks
  12. Thanks Carey you can WhatsApp or PM 👍
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