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  1. as title looking for escort mk2 rs2000 front door cards in black if possible
  2. hi yes mate looked into various methods ,but im no good with glue and material , so i didnt bother looking any further on that front , gr8 idea for someone with skills for fabric leathery looking type stuff , you can get stiched covers in a leatherette type material off ebay but again its the dreaded glue on process and of course trying not to get any creases and getting a smooth surface
  3. no im correct 380 pounds a few weeks ago plus 14 postage on ebay ,now 502 pounds plus 14 postage on ebay , nothing to do with vat,122 pounds hike is harsh in this climate
  4. yeh there taking the piss mate ,just getting on the bandwagon with over inflated prices ,i wont be paying 502 pounds plus postage for them thats for sure
  5. so i need some front door cards for the rs2000 ,thought id wait till december they were roughly 380 a few weeks ago this week 504 pounds plus 14 quid postage thats some rise jees
  6. good idea ive just aquired a mk2 non locking std cap ,i also have a locking one so il use the locking one at shows too cheers
  7. mk2 is the red one ,mk1 is the grey one mk1 is the grey one and mk2 is the red one , not sure what youve got mate
  8. as title looking for a mk2 non locking std fuel cap ,must be mk2 ,no daft prices cheers
  9. pics the scammer has are at least 8 yrs old heres my engine bay when i got it a yr ago it had been sitting 8yrs in a barn
  10. warning theres a scammer on Retards Club market place trying to sell my rs2000 thing is its sitting in bits in my garage ,and has been for over a year , his pics show my car long b4 i got it with different wheels on it , heres a pic of what hes selling
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