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    missing for 23 yrs from selkirk
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    classic fords ,dogs,working in my garage,

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  1. il second that very nice work ,hope mine ends up as good
  2. nowt wrong mate ive a t9 5 speed and im loathe to cut another hole in the new floor im puting in the rs
  3. lol roscoe p coltrane and flash the dog them were the days ,yeh il be pottering about too mate with the odd arse out on the country bends, the cars arse not mine
  4. went single leaf as you did and avo adjustable rear shocks ,after larkspeed told me it would be may at least b4 they seen any bilstein b6 on there shelves
  5. larkspeed contacted me today to say the lead time on the b6 shocks were at least mid may ,so i cancelled order , the hunt continues for suitable shocks ,,, what the hell is wrong with this country
  6. ive found some b6 fast road bilstein at larkspeed at last
  7. given up on finding someone who has bilstein b6 fast road rear shocks for my rs2000 all i can find are the group 1 rear shocks that will probably shake the fillings out my teeth as there way too stiff any recomendations for other shocks for fast road it has gaz rear shockers on at the moment
  8. cheers col got an rs one from gs escorts so il give it a measure when it gets here
  9. got one off gs escorts so when it arrives il measure it cheers
  10. just found out rs ones are slightly longer hm what now?
  11. lol i thought they were all the same too mate but apparently not god knows why
  12. yeh i saw the one on ebay at 27 quid it says for rs mexico etc , but when u go down the listing it says ,not for rs2000???
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