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My 2-8injection Restoration/Project (pics)

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I thought it was about time I posted some photo's of my 2.8injection Capri that is halfway through its restoration.


I have owned the car for about 3 years, and decided to take it off the road last year to bring it up to scratch.


Here is a pic of the car before i started (looks better in this photo!)



This is a pic of the new rear outer and inner arches:



This is the new original ford tailgate (old stock) fitted for sizing:






This is th first time I have posted pictures, hopefully I have done it right! :oops: if they appear ok, i'll post some more later!



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I will do mate, thanks!


Now I know I can upload pictures, here are a few more.


This is the work that is still to be done:


New rear valance will be fitted:




Front wing bumper brackets need cutting out and patching:




Here is a picture of the new sill that has been fitted:




This is the front o/side inner wing, underseal removed, rubbed down to bare metal, treated and stone chipped (it has been painted with hammerite grey paint but I havent taken a photo of it yet!):




And here is the fitted n/side rear arch:




I'll post some more pics as I go along!


Cheers guys!

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Thanks for the comments guys, I am fortunate enough to have an excellent welder as a friend! :beer:


Beakster, here a few pics of the car when the sill, wheel arch and part of the front wing were removed.


The picture quality is a bit rubbish as they are photos of photos! I deleted them from my memory card!


This is once the sill was removed, some patching up was required before the new sill went on as you can see:



This is a pic of the bottom half of the front wing, just under the side moulding, which was rotten:



And this is the repair:



One of the rear arches removed:


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Here's an update on my 2.8injection special project.


I have just got it back from the welder and he has finished off the rest of the body work including.......


New Rear Valance:




Repair to the roof around the sunroof:




Front Wing Bumper Bracket Repair:




Rear Quater Repair:



Pillar & Scuttle Repair:




And Finally A Nice New Original Ford Windscreen!!:






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Thanks for the comments fella's!!


Vista, that 2.8 you had looks sweet! I do like a Capri in grey, think it really suits it!


it's interesting Looking at the interior picture with the leather steering wheel & gear knob matching the Recaro grey leather, mine must have been that colour once! :lol:


they are a dark worn out grey now!!



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