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Haven't done one of these yet so...


My mex is a Historic Rally Car soon to be out on the stages again.. It has competed in loads of rallys ie The Roger Albert Clark, Buldog, Ypres etc


Its undergoing a bit of a restoration atm with a hot crossflow going in, respray and a few upgrades (I will have to get a resto thread going soon..)


Few Pics-










Cheers :thumbsup:

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what years did it go ypres dan? i was over there for 4/5 years in a row so might have a pic of it some where


It was at Ypres in 2000, although it has competed there three times so I guess it will have been there between 1998-2002


Link to 2000 report-


It has been out on the Manx as well but i'm not sure of the dates.. Am hopefully going to get an email pretty soon detailing these.


Cheers for the comments :thumbsup:

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am pretty sure i remember seein it in ypres when iwas over there and am also sure its been in classic ford mag when they used to have coverage of ypres


wow ok :mrgreen: .. didnt know it had been in Classic Ford.. you wouldnt know when and wen?? Do you think it would be worth asking the classic ford guys??


I'm always on the look out for anymore photos etc if you know of any :wink:


Cheers :thumbsup:

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