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Essex Mk1 Tina


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Ok so with the back end finished its finally time to get on with the original plan, I've made a trolley to sit the front end on while i strip out the the engine / box / suspension and steering, bought the wheels and made the rest from scrap metal i've kept, made it height adjustable so i can do easy test fittings with the V6 engine and box, the car moves quite well on it





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Bit more done today, engine bay stripped out, only 2 sheared bolts in one anti roll bar mount, decided to have a dig around all the possible dodgy looking spots before the big clean up and found some usual mess and a couple of right bodges!, even found some brown silicon under filler 😬

I'll strip the rest of the filler out this week and remove the heater air plenum box and make a plan to start fabrication of panels and welding,  looking at the top mounts that were last done in 1985 I think?, I might remove them and start again







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On 17/11/2021 at 15:23, BaileyMex said:

You could sell those custom trolleys mate 👌

I did think about that lol, had an afterthought on this one after i made it, I should of made the uprights slideable so they could be moved along the main frame, oh well 

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The trolley is working well I can actually push the car in / out the garage on me own!, (just done get the wheels on the gravel lol) not easy usually to move cars when you have COPD, anyway engine bay now stripped and ready for the repair onslaught! 

first jobs is to remove / unzip heater plenum, battery tray and horn bracket, dig out any filler and find the rust to cut out, I might remove the old top mount repairs and start again?



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3 hours ago, Johnny Boy said:

Whe I did mine , I did the under bonnet first,   stripped it back and painted it.

this is my last job except 3 door bottoms to do but they dont stop me driving the car lol, looking at yr profile pic i'm sure i recognise it from an advert for short rear shocks i bought from you quite a few years ago? was it you?

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12 hours ago, Johnny Boy said:

I don't think I sold you any shocks, but I might have told you that Capri rear shocks were shorter, and fitted 😃

I deffo remember the seller had yr pic with the cortina sitting low on gravel, the shocks were about 3" shorter, and are now fitted and are perfect with my car 2" lower, but it was yrs ago lol

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3 hours ago, DT36 said:

Fair play to you. Outside as well and not in a cosy garage with a ramp and a film crew.

Love it 👌

Thanks Fella an know what you mean, it was a sunny day yesterday though lol, the last 3 weeks i've been in the garage but its only a single so not much room an blo ody feezing with it, but onwards an upwards ay

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Bit more done today

Finished the hole repair under the Plenum chamber today.

Fitted all the guts to the anti roll bar chassis mount and made the two panels for under the Rad support, (not quite finished yet) not sure wether to bother putting the round holes in the upright panel as original?, not seeing the point of them yet?








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