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In the OSFDC we look to improve on each season and listen to all feedback from our current and past competitors plus people who just follow the series! We've had some great seasons over the years more recently with the re-introduction of round sponsors in 2017 plus the addition of Mk2 Fiestas and Mk3 Escorts.


For the 2019 season, we are making our biggest change yet as will be welcoming all British Ford models that were in production BEFORE 1990. This includes Mk3 Fiestas, Sierras, Mk1/2 Orions & Mk4 Escorts as we’ve had lots of interest from owners of these vehicles in past years and this decision will allow the OSFDC to grow even bigger than before. 


Also Classic Ford Magazine will continue to cover the OSFDC next year and since the magazine caters for these models we feel it’s only right we do too!


Please note that while we are a part of the Old Skool Ford club/forum which is celebrating it's 15th birthday in 2019, OSF the club continues with it's original status of catering for models in production before 1980 and this will not change. It is just the OSFDC off-shoot that is accommodating these newer models.

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