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MK 3 Zodiac AJ30 Street Sleeper Modification Update and Flywheel Search

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Hello All again,

My MK3 Zodiac mods are banging along now (after many years of distractions!) and I am now at the point of mating the AJ30 engine to the Mazda RX8 gearbox. The problem I have is that I am struggling to source an early single mass Duratec flywheel from either an early Mondeo or Puma. I have searched ebay and the net in general, but nothing is showing apart from very expensive bespoke competition versions.

Does anyone in OldSkool Ford world know where I could get one? Any help will be really appreciated.

I have attached a couple of pictures of the modified bits I am squirreling away for the rebuild.













IMG_3415 (1).jpg

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Thanks, I will give them a call. Most of the parts suppliers do want an exact model/year or registration. No one seems to be able to source parts from their own knowledge anymore! The reg is a thought. If I could "borrow" someone's old V6 Modeo plate I could quote that to get the computer says "No" parts people moving. I will try to find one for sale, check the reg shown is still good and then clone it :)



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Hello All - Update on progress.

I have found a flywheel from a 2.5 Mondeo (non ST) and it fits a treat. I can now align clutch operating arm by extending the pivot and I have a pilot/spigot bearing adaptor being made in a local machine shop. I am fitting the Jaguar starter ring to the ford flywheel to enable me to keep the original starter and not adjust the gearbox adaptor plate. All is looking good now.

Whilst this has been going on I have finally finished the fuel tank modifications to take an internal Walboro pump. I have fitted extra baffles to create an internal anti-surge zone for the pump to sit in and closed up the original leaky large drain/access plate, replacing it with a simple drain plug. All of the access holes have been closed up aircraft fuel tank closing style (lots of work, but worth it in the long run). All this is much cheaper, and I believe more in keeping with what I want, than the external surge tank/pumps/piping that was the alternative. Fuel tank/pump installation pic attached.

More news as and when it happens.

Managed to get a 2.5 Mondeo, non-ST flywheel and







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Hello All again,

I am now confident I have everything sorted to fit the RX8 5 speed gearbox to my AJ30 engine. I have had it all together, it turns over on the starter nice and easy and the clutch operates/springs go over centre mid travel of the slave cylinder.

The parts I have used are:

Freddy's adaptor plate

Mondeo flywheel

Jaguar Starter Ring

Jaguar starter motor

Mondeo clutch cover

Generic 23 spline Ford clutch plate (sold as a TVR spare)

Mazda 6 slave cylinder

Crankshaft to flywheel spacer

Crankshaft pilot bearing and flywheel locator adaptor

Adapted RX8 clutch arm pivot 

All that's left to do is to get the flywheel and spacer statically balanced.

I have now moved on to making the air intake plenum chamber. I am going for a classic looking plenum chamber sitting on top between the cam covers. 

The next update will be in a while as I am now back working abroad to get more pennies!

I have attached some pics to show what I have been up to. I am very close to having a kit for full rebuild.


















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