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Escort Mk1 three lions key blank wanted

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these are the copies


reckon youd need a bank loan if you found a real one lol, and youd be on the end of a long queue



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It will be a tough one. Ford themselves replaced that for the later version with just the Ford symbol embossed on it in the late 70s so even as a spare part in the 80s when everything was still available when you went to Ford to get an original key blank for any Mk2 they sold you the plain version without the crest. You will therefore be limited to new old stock from the mid 1970s. If your patient I bet one will show its head even if it takes a few years but boy its going to cost if the seller knows what they have.

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The is not a fast difference in the tumbler configuration of one Mk2 key over another. Proof of that is that every Mk2 key can open the boot lit of any other with the most simplest big of jiggling. (We used to do it all the time. It was like a right of passage every time someone bought a car we would line up and check if we could all open the boot) I bet if you buy a few used keys in good condition and get a key cutter to run the machine over your key and the other one you will get one that matches after a few attempts. Hmmm an interesting experiment I will see if I can gather some secondhand ones together and see if the premise works and report back!

It is a nice key btw and I totally understand why you would want one for your Mk2.

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7 hours ago, Xp197777 said:

Picked this one up recently as well 


Love it. I mentioned in a thread a month or so back about key blanks that I was looking for one of those but it was mentioned I didnt have a hope but you found one! Were there any more?

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30 minutes ago, Xp197777 said:

Well I bought it because I haven’t seen one for years and blank genuine ford keys make that much and I’ve seen many more of them

I haven't seen one in years either, last time I did they were twenty quid or thereabouts. These original keys now hold great values and it doesn't surprise me the amount you paid. I read on another forum someone paid an even hundred for one so not shocked at all just that with so many other car expenses at the moment its a bit of a luxury I have to forgo right now which is a shame i'd really like one! LOL

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